The Long Table Collective provides professional mentoring for Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and Asian artists & creative entrepreneurs (including those of mixed race or ethnicity)
who are located in the United States.

As a small group cohort, led by mentors Lisa Congdon and Emily McDowell, we meet virtually twice per month for a one-year term. 

Candidates for this cohort include artists working in commercial illustration or art licensing, those who are building product-driven brands, or any combination of the above.

The application period for 2023-24 is now closed.

In June, recipients will be notified, and our cohort will begin in July.

All applicants will be contacted, including those not chosen.


About Our Mission

Diverse voices and points of view are woefully underrepresented in the overwhelmingly white world of commercial art and artist-driven brands. As veterans of this industry, we believe that directly sharing our knowledge, skills, and resources is a meaningful way to foster concrete change on multiple levels.

There is no road map to creative entrepreneurship (if only!), which means that having access to mentors is particularly important. Offering mentorship is a tangible way to help equip artists from culturally and racially marginalized groups with the tools and resources they need, in order for their work and perspectives to be seen, shared, and celebrated.

One of art’s most important functions is to reflect and represent the human experience, and we want to work toward a world in which this representation is as diverse and rich as humanity itself.