A few words from our 2022-23 mentees:

“I’ve gotten so much out of my mentorship at The Long Table Foundation with Emily McDowell. During this time I developed an entire new line of cards and Emily was there the whole way, providing support cheerfully and without judgment. Her knowledge of the industry is invaluable, and she was extremely generous to share her contacts and networks according to my needs. After a year of working with Emily, I’m now more confident in my products, I have a better understanding of the wholesale market, and I feel ready to scale up the business side of my practice.

Being a mentee at the The Long Table Foundation was a pivotal experience in my career. It made me grow as an artist and business person, and showed me the remunerative potential of my art. I’m looking forward to sharing the knowledge with my community!”

Carlos Carmonamedina, art director, illustrator, & founder of The Culture Curious

“Participating in The Long Table Foundation’s mentorship program has been an incredibly valuable experience for me as an emerging artist. When I joined the program, I had four main goals in mind: to transition into working as an artist full-time, open an online shop, identify ideal clients, and strengthen my portfolio to reach out to these clients.

Thanks to the support and guidance of my mentor Lisa, and the resources provided by the program, I have made significant progress towards achieving these goals and have even kicked off working as an artist full time!. Through my one-on-one sessions, I have gained valuable insights into the creative industry and developed a clearer understanding of my unique strengths as an artist. The program has allowed me to invest in tools and resources to enhance my journey.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this program, I have felt supported and empowered to grow as an artist and entrepreneur. Thank you to The Long Table Foundation!”

Paola de la Cruz, illustrator and community-engaged artist